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Guidelines for Choosing Medical Courier Service Provider in NYC

A medical courier service provider is a business that transports medical items like medical supplies and laboratory equipment. If you have a healthcare company, pharmacy, or a laboratory, then you will surely have to use this service for moving equipment, shipping prescription drugs, delivering blood and organs, among many others.

Since medical courier service providers handle sensitive medical shipments, their job is crucial. It can be a matter of life and death. Thus, as the customer, it’s important to choose a top medical courier service company that is responsible, timely, experienced, and has strong credentials. Here’s a guide on how you can choose the best courier for your medical delivery needs.

Experienced lab couriers and messengers

Trained couriers and messengers are aware of the regulatory requirements (including governmental and airline regulations) pertinent to these types of shipments. They know the protocols on safely and legally packaging and shipping medical specimens to laboratories. They have high attention to detail to make sure they are correctly handling the medical shipments as per your instructions.

Proper packaging and shipping are necessary to maintain specimen integrity. That way, the lab can guarantee accurate testing. This helps ensure that patients receive optimal treatment. Even though your medical deliveries do not involve lab specimens or anything that requires careful handling, it’s good to partner with a courier with knowledgeable lab couriers and messengers.

Type of vehicles

When it comes to sensitive medical deliveries, a normal passenger car or truck won’t be appropriate. Make sure that the medical courier service company you are choosing has the right vehicles used for the correct transportation of medical specimens. The right vehicles also help maintain the specimen integrity, preserving them at the correct temperature for testing in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Medical shipment tracking

Opt for a medical courier service company that helps you track and monitor the status of your specimen in real-time. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your specimen or medical supplies are being delivered as promised.


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