Professional, 5-star courier services for NYC & the Tri-State area. We offer Direct Rush Rates. With over 30 years of experience, we promise to deliver your rush deliveries on-time, every time.

Rush Messenger Service in NYC
On-Time Deliveries, Every Time

Our professional staff has a proven record of 5-star, efficient courier service in nyc

We take pride in our 5-star service. Our team consistently goes above and beyond to provide a level of courier service that exceeds your expectations.

Our NYC couriers specialize in prompt service and are available 24/7.

  • Deadline deliveries
  • Special rushes
  • Medical supplies
  • Delicate materials

With over three decades of experience in the courier industry in NYC, Premier ensures that rush delivery orders are fulfilled with utmost sincerity and attention. For us, our clients are most important, and we work 24 hours round-the-clock (pre-arranged) to offer superior delivery experiences to them through our team of professionally trained messengers. Our ground staff, customer support team, and messengers are prompt, equipped with the most advanced technology, and empowered with the right attitude to provide rush delivery services. There are many courier companies in NYC, but none that has a dedicated team of messengers who are ever ready to undertake rush delivery orders. The most sensitive and critical materials, including medical delivery orders, are delivered by our crème le crème messengers with great care and intricate handling. All you need to do is call our rush delivery numbers and inform us. The rest is for our messengers to handle and take care. Our team of on-the-job messengers is trained and qualified people who have served in the industry and NYC for years now. Our newest messengers on-board are thoroughly trained to carry out such emergency deliveries during induction. Our messengers are all equipped with modern devices and technology to provide outstanding courier services to you every time.

30 Years of Professional Courier Service Experience
We offer Direct Rush Rates

No job is too big or too small. What we promise to deliver, we actually do! Our nyc couriers are always on the fast track in order to deliver your packages.

24/7 Courier Availability

Our nyc courier service team is always on call and ready to speak with you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all types of direct deliveries.

Stress-Free Guarantee

We deliver what the others only promise! We want your courier experience to be hassle-free and to exceed your service expectations.

Peace of Mind Insurance

All Premier couriers in nyc are bonded and carry ID cards for your convenience, and we automatically insure all packages delivered through our messenger service team.

Outfitted with the Latest Technology

All of our couriers, messengers, and drivers are outfitted with the most current technology to enhance fast, transparent communication. They are constantly in communication with dispatchers and managers, and all of our deliveries - including rush deliveries - are closely monitored for location accuracy and an on-time pace.

5-Star Courier Services

"In the six years we've been working with you, we haven't found another courier that comes close to the consistent level of service and genuine dedication to our needs that we receive from your organization.We find that the level of professionalism throughout your organization is unmatched in the courier industry."

Specialized Premier Truck Division | On Demand Van Truck and Liftgate

Our certified drivers can handle any types of rush deliveries from small parcels to large freight.

Our Truck Division drivers deliver the same 5-star courier service you have come to depend on from our messenger team in nyc.

Our trucks are also equipped with advanced communication for immediate dispatch and tracking.

Always Ready for Immediate Dispatch When On Time Delivery is Critical

Bonded, Insured, Professional and the Best NYC Courier Service